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RNA DROPS Safety, Effects, Dosage, Etc

Posted on: 31 May 2014

I've Noticed I Feel A New Awareness and Sense of Bliss!  

I feel an energy-boost, like my body is conducting a higher vibration...

Are side-effects possible with RNA DROPS?


I would say that is not of concern. It may be a reaction of adaptation, typical of what can happen in homeopathy (development of the symptom to arrive at a state of progressive rebalancing).
In general, the formulation does not produce side effects. However, it is necessary to see what other components was added to the formula in the final packaging to the consumer. Our M-State blends are tested in raw, any additional formulations may somewhat (although minimal) effect any change, although these changes do not result in negative response factors.

We added only glycerin (8%) and Natural Cherry Flavor.
If nothing was added then the answers to your questions are as follows:

1.  Are there long term effects after using Complete Ascentials RNA DROPS?

The formulation allows for someone to progressively acquire greater mental acuity and a state of general organic equilibrium. The body tends to progressively self-adapt in energy boost, so any effects of over-accumulation of energy are normal. 

2.  Do you have to detoxify your body while using Complete Ascentials RNA DROPS?

The formulation has itself a detoxifying effect. To mitigate any possible excessive accumulation of energy, it is recommended the use of any organic detox.  A centrifuged fruit blend is recommended to re-balance vitamins.

We recommend trying our Beyond Whole Food Multi-Vitamin to re-balance vitamins.

3.  Has anyone ever had negative side-effects from these M-States?

No side effects are registered for M-State elements obtained through our process. Being absent chemical reactions that use solvents, our M-State blends are 100% safe. Clinical trial of M-State blends on 500 subjects with double blind confirmations, and validation of PET, NMR, MEG-NMR, found no negative changes in the metabolic state of the individual.