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Get Rid of Pain Fast?

Posted on: 20 Jul 2014

Got Pain Relief?  Help Is On The Way... Coming, in August 2014:

(formerly called PLACEBO ENHANCER)

Back Into Action! 

Pain relieving spray...

The American way is to "get back into action!" We don't stop our lives for pain... We push through it. At last, there is a topically-applied magnesium breakthrough, called BACK INTO ACTION.

Rave reviews for this product came in droves back in early 2013, when it launched under the name "Placebo Enhancer."

Coming soon... Advancements in this formula have been made, bringing forth more convenience while maintaining the affordability of this magical pain-relieving spray.

Feel free to watch the presentation below, or listen to the Jeff Rense radio interview featuring Dr. Walters, innovator and creator of this unique formulation. Got pain? Get BACK INTO ACTION!

Listen to Jeff Rense's Show With Special Guest, Jim Walters, N.D.


Stay tuned... Pain Relief is On Its Way!