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Complete Ascentials RNA DROPS - 1st Experience

Posted on: 26 May 2014


Science Says You Only Use A Fraction of Your Brain.  We aim to change that.

 If You Haven't Yet Heard About Advanced M-State Minerals and Holoresonant Matter, read this, here.  Research has been done on the positive effects for ADHD, Depression, and 'Staggering' Results Improving Brain-Function?  Find out for yourself... of course, I am NOT suggesting that you will have these results.  I am personally on a journey to use the highest-quality M-States, and see for myself the results. My company, Complete Ascentials has sourced Pharmaceutical-Grade, Advanced M-State Minerals in a Holoresonant, Living Probiotic Matrix.  My results have been staggering!


Dear Colleague,


I wanted to see what would happen if I hooked my head up to a brain-wave measuring headset, and consumed a few drops!

In another article, I mentioned how the Alpha Learning Institute in Switzerland conducted a study on M-State Minerals and how the effects were immediate, etc.

You can read about this article, here.


After I Received My Bottle of Complete Ascentials RNA DROPS, I Took The Drops For A Test-Drive...

In video #1, above, I began by hooking my headset up and taking one dropper full of Complete Ascentials RNA DROPS.  Nothing much happened in the first minute.


In video #2, above, I did not notice much yet.  I was focused on trying to think of nothing the whole time so I wouldn't alter the results.  I was beginning to wonder whether anything would happen...?


In video #3, above, I noticed that I could LITERALLY FEEL the effects kick-in.  As I was thinking of nothing, it felt like I could slip into a theta brain-wave with ease...


In video #4, above, I did a quick overview.  Since filming this video, I have done this experiment with two other people with similar results.


My final recap of what I experienced.  The Advanced M-State Minerals in Complete Ascentials RNA DROPS are The Latest Breakthrough in Holoresonant Matter, Cutting-Edge Monatomics, in a LIVE, Custom Probiotic Matrix.


Listen to the Complete Ascentials RNA DROPS Audio, Below:




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An Objective Look At This Home Experiment:

To be fair, these headset demonstrations can be altered by using your own mind.  A person can think of certain things, or learn to influence their own brain-waves.  I do not want to suggest that my results are going to occur for you.  I'm also not suggesting that these results mean anything.  I DID feel something wonderful kick-in and noticed that I could easily sink into a meditative state, without any effort.  In order to keep a fair demonstration, I continued to focus on letting any thought that came to me "slip" away during the entire series of videos.


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Concerned About Safety and What To Expect While Using Complete Ascentials RNA DROPS?

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I feel that the Complete Ascentials RNA DROPS are a positive experience.  It is my hope that the results will continue to build over time, as the study that was done on M-State Minerals here would suggest.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Complete Ascentials RNA DROPS are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease.  Results may vary.